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Dec 10, 2013 3:00am PST
obama begins his remarks. >>> you're looking at live pictures from soweto, south africa, state memorial service for former president nelson mandela. it's been raining there all morning long but the mood can only be described as jubilant, world leaders and tens and how to sands of south africans came to pay their respect to a man who helped free the chains of apartheid. many have been struck by the outpouring of emotion not just mourning but celebrations, dancing. the joy is said to be infectious inside the stadium and it's fitting that the service is being held at fnb stadium where nelson mandela made his final appearance. the memorial has been under way for two hours that include tributes from world leaders, including president obama who was just seen. we'll take the president's comments in full as soon as they happen. and good morning, everyone, it is tuesday, december 10th, welcome to "morning joe." we'll be following the funeral, memorial services all morning long. with us on set, we have the host of msnbc's politics nation and president to the national action network reverend al sh
Dec 9, 2013 3:00am PST
future. ♪ >>> the obamas leave for south africa to join 50 world leaders to pay tribute to nelson mandela. george bush and his wife will join them aboard air force one. bill clinton and jimmy carter are set to attend as well. it's a big test for africa's government as they plan the memorial. 94,000 people are expected at fnb stadium home to the world cup final in 2010. 100,000 more expected in the area at overflow sports centers while many details were worked out well in advance politico reporting the last minute logistics for the secret service are daunting. the president's security won't have control over access and there are concerns on everything from the motorcade route to his safety once inside. meanwhile, sunday marked an official day of prayer across south africa but in church the scene was as remember celebratory as it was mournful. and a week after the deadly commuter train wreck in new york, officials are upgrading signals on the curve where the crash occurred. new signals are expected to be up and running this morning. four people were killed last sunday when a metro-n
Dec 6, 2013 3:00am PST
great guy at the same time. it is really something we probably as president obama said we will never see again. >> nelson mandela had a royal birth as the son of a tribal chief, but he gave up that to throw off apartheid rule in south africa. let's go to the report on the world's most famous political prisoner. >> the south africa that nelson mandela was born into nine decades ago will never be the same because of him. the lifelong campaign made him a hero to the people and at one time an enemy of the state. mandela's tribal name translates as the who stirs up dust. mandela stirred up a storm fighting for democracy. >> it has been a gift for which i am to prepared to die. >> first arrest in 1962, he was convicted of sabotage and experience to overthrow the government. for 27 years, prison bars confined the man, but not his cause. a generation had never seen him and kept his campaign alive. in 1990, buckling under internal strife and international sanction, the white minority government abandoned apartheid. >> the government has taken a firm decision to release mr. mandela uncondition
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3